Florida Amateur Digital Communication Association

Promoting packet radio in the State of Florida

Mail Address:
L. E. "bud" Thompson
1131 Abady Court
Deltona, FL 32725



Support Florida Packet
Radio Network Development

Packet Radio is still developing in the amateur radio
community. Here in Florida radio amateur groups are
experimenting with this exciting mode of communication.
Networks are springing up throughout the state in major
cities and small towns. The interconnection of these LANs
(Local Area Networks) has become a priority in establishing
an efficient statewide network. Local clubs and , in some
cases, individual amateurs have taken over the expensive
burden of establishing the LANs. But, the cost of
establishing the interconnecting links to these LANs have
been over- taxing the local groups. FADCA (Florida
Amateur Digital Communication Association) has been
reorganized to facilitate this effort. With the state divided
into eight regions, each one has elected a member, who
represents all LANs in his region, to serve on the FADCA
board of directors.

FADCA responsibility:

To provide a Frequency Coordinator for packet who reports
to FRC (Florida Repeater Council). His job is to see that the
establishment of Switches and Nodes are registered with
the ARRL and FRC.

To maintain efficient and orderly frequency coordination
with adequate frequency separation to prevent interference
with adjacent LANs.
To provide a central coordinating body so that all LANs in
the state adhere to a common protocol and common
interface to the LAN interconnect network.

To help fund and coordinate the establishment of the
LAN interconnect networks.

To provide for the dissemination of information between all
LANs. and the Packet Community at large. This includes
technical information as well as lists of LAN addresses,
frequencies, BBSs etc. This information will be distributed
via a network of BBS's and the Local Packet Groups.

FADCA meetings are open to everyone and are held
quarterly at different locations throughout the state. Look
on your local BBS for announced times and locations. They
will be announced a month before the meeting.

Join us!

Just as FM operators join together to support the repeaters
they use, we ask that all packet radio operators join in
supporting the networks they depend on.

You probably are already taking advantage of FADCAs
networking efforts. Please give serious consideration to
contributing towards the maintenance and further
development of Florida's Packet Network by supporting
FADCA in this effort.


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